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The Happs protection collar protects your dog from fleas and ticks during long forestry activities and walks. 

The active substances in the collar are effective; both for protecting against parasites as well as by destroying their eggs and larvae. 

The effect lasts up to 6 months, providing your dog with long-lasting comfort. 

Most importantly, this product is safe for your dog and works without overwhelming its senses. 

The collar is made resistant to water and moisture, thanks to which it is suitable regardless of weather conditions. 

An adjustable clasp ensures your pet is comfortable.

This collar can be used on dogs over 12 weeks of age.

Instructions for use:

1. After removing the product from the packaging, twist the collar several times into a spiral to activate secretion of the insecticide.

2. Then the collar should be placed loosely around the dog's neck, adjusted and the protruding tip should be trimmed.

3. The collar is fully effective within 24 hours and should be permanently worn (regardless of moisture or rain).

4. After putting on the collar, wash your hands thoroughly, using soapy water.

Product Specifications:

Active substances: permethrin 10%, PBO 0.1%.

Authorization number: 5143/13

Collar length: 60 cm 

Duration of operation: up to 6 months

Color: dark brown

Package Contents: 1x Dog Collar

Producer: BROS

When using the collar, precaution should be taken:

Keep the collar out of the reach of children

prevent any animal from licking or biting the collar 

Keep away from cats

Before using, please read the attached instructions thoroughly

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