• CAMO-TEC Instinct Twill Peat Moss summer overalls

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CAMO-TEC Instinct Twill Peat Moss summer overalls


The CAMO-TEC suits in the "Instinct" series have been specially designed for hunting and fishing in the wild. The models have been sewn in such a way as to maximize maneuverability and ensure full freedom of movement.

The set is made of Polycotton Twill PCH. Twill is a type of weave that gives good density without reducing elasticity. The PEACH effect, on the other hand, is a special treatment that gives a velvety and soft surface to the fabric and improves abrasion resistance.

Why is the set from the CAMO-TEC INSTINCT collection for you?

 the jacket and pants are designed to not restrict your movements so that you can comfortably carry out all the  activities that you have planned

The set is made of a great quality fabric, which:

- is hydrophobic 

- does not rustle or shine, so you blend in silently with your surroundings and can remain unnoticed by wildlife

- has excellent thermoregulation and breathing properties

- does not wrinkle or accumulate static electricity

- does not lose its shape after washing and does not fade

- it is hypoallergenic and meets all European environmental standards

The set:
-  protects you from mosquitoes and ticks while hiking in the woods

- has many pockets so you can have all the necessary trinkets with you

- has high-quality sewing thanks to British COATS thread

-  all zippers are nylon, resistant to wind and moisture and have an automatic lock to prevent self-opening

-  an excellent product for hunters, anglers, mushroom pickers and all those who want to feel comfortable in the bosom of nature

We provide a 2-year warranty on the product, so there’s no need to worry about anything breaking on first use! 

 the set is available in two camouflages, so you can freely adjust the pattern to your preferences and circumstances

Camouflages available:

- velvet twilight

- peat moss


Features of the INSTINCT set jacket:

elongated jacket cut for increased comfort

increased length of the stand-up collar which removes discomfort in the throat area

modified shape of the "English" hood with volume and depth adjustment without interrupting your peripheral vision and range of motion

reinforcement with additional seams in the places of highest load.

numerous pockets: 2 large front pockets with a zipper, with Cool Mesh ventilation, 2 pockets on the sleeves with zippers, 2 inside pockets.

adjustable volume and length of sleeves with Velcro

the drawstring at the bottom of the jacket which allows a better fit

Windproof zipper with a soft chin guard to protect against pinching


Features of INSTINCT pants:

have a self-adjusting tunnel belt, which allows you to adjust the volume thanks to a sewn-in elastic band

anatomical insert in the crotch for a tight fit

comfortable, ergonomic design for maximum freedom of movement

many pockets: 2 roomy, slit pockets with Cool Mesh, 2 small pockets on the back, 2 pockets on the thighs, fastened with a zipper,

special welt to adjust the volume at the bottom of the pants

larger loops for a wide belt up to 55 mm

Attention! Sizing runs small.

We recommend choosing a larger size than normal. e.g. If you wear XL, we recommend that you choose 2XL.

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